Who We Are


ARKANSAS PEDIATRIC THERAPY is a locally owned and operated therapy center providing physical, occupational and speech therapy to the River Valley and surrounding areas.  APT has been providing exceptional therapy since 2001 by therapists with over 15 years of experience. APT’s therapists are trained in the latest treatment approaches and work closely with the patient’s family and physicians to provide the best treatment available.  In our 5,000 square feet facility, there are private treatment rooms, a large gross motor room with a climbing wall and swings, a sensory room, a training bathroom and a large area for sports and orthopedic rehabilitation. Our sports and orthopedic area has free weights, bikes, treadmill, elliptical, pilates machine, Cybex equipment and a Biodex Balance System.

Our pediatric  physical therapists focus on the development of age appropriate gross motor skills related to balance, coordination, strength, endurance and a child’s ability to access the environment around them.  Our pediatric Occupational Therapists  focus on the development of age appropriate independence in daily life skills, fine motor coordination and integration of sensory information. Our pediatric Speech Language Pathologists focus on the development of age appropriate communication and language skills necessary for social, academic and functional communication. We also focus on the development of oral motor skills as well as those functions that support speech and feeding, including respiration and sensory integration.

Arkansas Pediatric Therapy serves children with: Cerebral palsy and other neurological disorders, Autism/PDD, Sensory Processing Disorders, Down Syndrome and other chromosomal disorders, Developmental Delay, Prematurity/Birth Injuries, Spinal Cord Injuries/Disorders, Orthopedic or Sports related injuries, Torticollis, Articulation/Language Delays, Hearing Impairments, Auditory Processing Disorder, Feeding Disorders, ADHD & Scoliosis.

Transportation to and from therapy sessions are available at no cost to our patients who are current Arkansas Medicaid recipients.